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Successfully Managing VDI Services

This document offers an overview of F5(r) BIG-IP(r) system specific to support for heterogeneous virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) architectures that have unique challenges around performance, end-user experience, security and scalability. BIG-IP unites all the components required to make a complete and secure VDI services delivery solution in one integrated and consolidated platform that meets VDI challenges and to give organizations the flexibility, manageability, and agility necessary to meet user expectations of a physical desktop experience while being served virtually.
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Taking the Complexity Out of Single Sign-On with Active Directory

Providing SSO across applications deployed on heterogeneous platforms can lead IT organizations to implementing a complex set of interconnections between disparate solutions that are fragile and not easily adapted to support emerging technology and devices such as smart phones and tablets. This can become increasingly problematic for organizations seeking to deliver on the promise of IT as a Service (ITaaS). This paper examines how to implement Kerberos-based single sign-on with Active Directory across heterogeneous applications, while simultaneously providing flexible and highly scalable web access management.
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Overcoming the Real Challenges with VDI

VDI is network-usage heavy, requiring certain architectural elements, and suffering from performance and security issues. This paper examines the shortcomings of VDI and offers insight into solutions that enable you to unburden your IT infrastructure and gain the full value from your VDI implementation.
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Implementing Adaptable Resilient VDI Deployments

VDI deployment is a worthy undertaking for reducing the desktop footprint, centralizing application administration, and covering licensing concerns. But it is a complex system that increases the network burden, and can require configuration efforts beyond normal workloads. Read this paper for important factors you should consider when planning to implement or improve upon a virtual desktop infrastructuere. Also learn about tools that can help to make deployment and network maintenance easier.
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5 Ways F5 Improves Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Implementations

Citrix brings a long and successful history of market-leading application access solutions from MetaFrame and Presentation Server to today's XenApp and XenDesktop for VDI. For as long as Citrix has been delivering application access, F5 has been delivering market-leading application delivery solutions. With demand for VDI solutions growing, performance, security, and reliability are paramount to successfully delivering VDI and applications over a variety of networks to myriad device types. This paper examines how F5's market-leading ADC technology and solutions improve the reliability, performance, and security of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and reduces the complexity and deployment cycle time, improves the scalability of VDI-related services, and enhances the mobility of users and operations alike.
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F5 Security Forum 2012

F5 is coming to your area to talk about what our customers are doing around security. Attend the F5 Security Forum 2012 for an in-depth discussion on how adaptive security services can protect your enterprise. Join us to learn how you can bring together network, application, data, and user-access under a single security strategy that moves IT forward. Register today!
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