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Fixing IT’s Blind Spots

Sensitive data exposure. Compliance violations. Insider threats. Unbeknownst to IT, many of these security risks lurk within SaaS apps like G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, and more.

Learn how you can uncover (and eliminate) the eight biggest blind spots.

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The IT Guide To SaaS Ops And Management

While SaaS helps organizations meet ever-evolving demand, the need for comprehensive management and operational SaaS security has become strikingly clear. That’s why we created the first-ever SaaS Application Management & Security Framework, which is based on insights from interviews, surveys, and conversations with thousands of IT professionals over the last three years. It outlines a modern-day approach to SaaS management and includes guiding principles to help IT achieve security goals and requirements in SaaS environments.

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Closing The Gap In SaaS Security

Companies lack the ability to monitor and manage the interactions going on across SaaS applications. Join experts from Okta and BetterCloud for a deep dive on the #1 item on the roadmap for today’s IT and security teams. This webinar covers:

  • Beyond IDaaS: the key differences between user connections and user interactions.
  • Understanding insider threats: how susceptible are you?
  • Forming a systematic approach to managing and securing user interactions across a sprawling SaaS landscape.

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