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Payroll Features – All Payroll Software is Not Created Equal

If you’ve been searching on the web for a payroll solution, you’ve probably become overwhelmed by the great variety of systems available for you and your business. Not only that, the price ranges are staggering: they range all the way from FREE to $100,000+

The feature sets among payroll programs vary exponentially more than the number of vendors. All payroll programs are definitely not created equal. When you are conducting your search, be sure to check into the flexibility of these features, which can vary greatly, and which you may not have thought about.

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In July, a few staff members from Red Wing Software participated in two different conferences discussing current accounting and technology issues. The first event was a meeting of Certified Public Accountants that takes place every other year. I was fortunate enough to be a presenter on two different panels during this conference, talking about current technologies specifically related to accounting. The other conference was a meeting of professionals dealing with standards for gathering and reporting financial data for specific vertical markets. Dick Moore, Development Manager, and Julie Strain, Sales Engineer, presented information on management accounting implementation and challenges.

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The Five Most Important Considerations when Selecting Payroll Software

Processing payroll on time is crucial to the management of your business. As your company grows, you may find that payroll processing becomes more complex with tax requirements, multiple employee types, increasing deduction types, and much more. To efficiently manage your payroll, you will need to choose the best options for your business to process payroll allowing you to continue to pay your employees on time, ensure taxes are filed promptly by due dates and still have access to the information you need. When it is time to select a new payroll software program for your organization, you have so many things to consider, but here are the five most important things to consider before you even start your search.

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