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5 Essential Approaches to Securing Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the web’s most popular Content Management System, powering a full quarter of indexed sites. It’s been embraced by millions of casual bloggers for its ease of use and user-friendly interface, and its maturity, stability, and extensibility. Popularity, though, comes at a cost — WordPress’s universal appeal makes it an incredibly high-profile target. Download our guide to find the most essential steps in securing your WordPress site!

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Competing With Amazon: 6 ECommerce Performance Metrics You Need to Know

As the giants of ECommerce claim larger market shares each day, online retailers often struggle to compete. Understanding the strength of companies like Amazon, and the metrics associated with their success can give online retailers the advantage that they need to level the playing field more than ever before. Whether your store uses a website, a mobile app, or a combination to reach its audience, understanding the core metrics of performance are of paramount importance. Download our presentation to learn how.

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Why Outsourcing Managed Web Services is Better for Your Business

Digital marketing and web design are increasingly competitive fields. New businesses open their virtual doors each day, amidst ever-increasing demand for sites offering engaging content and positive user experience.

These client demands combined with rapidly evolving technology increase the workload of firms struggling to stay current to ensure the needs and requirements of new and old clients alike can be met.

Download this whitepaper to learn how your business can benefit from outsourcing your managed web services:

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5 Tips to Improve Your Website and Increase Sales

Retail e-commerce will reach $2.050 trillion this year - up 22.7% from 2015. That double digit growth will continue through 2019, reaching $3.578 trillion. That’s steady growth your business should be capitalizing on — but what if your business’ growth is limited by the performance of your website? Without the proper foundation and monitoring, a website can quickly become the reason consumers are clicking away. To ensure continued growth for your e-commerce business and avoid lost sales, your website needs to be optimized for speed, protected against downtime and traffic surges, and fully secured.

Use the following tips to talk to your IT department about how your website is performing.

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20 Point Checklist for Vetting a Managed Hosting Provider

Web and digital agencies are hired for what they do best - building highly responsive, well-thought out, and aesthetically pleasing websites and web applications. They are NOT hired for their server and hosting expertise. For the agency, hosting is simply a means to an end — overshadowed by the immense pressure to, “Go live and get paid!” It’s no wonder then that agencies are often left holding the buck in the frustrating cycle of finger pointing, resulting from slow load times, network downtimes, and security attacks.

The beauty of partnering with a managed hosting provider is that you specifically don’t need to know about your service, how it works, or what parts it is made up of – all those details are taken care of for you. In fact, a really good provider should do their job so well that you don’t even realize everything they’re doing to ensure the healthy upkeep of your site – which is fantastic, until you start to wonder if maybe you could get your service cheaper elsewhere.

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Managed Hosting Buyers Guide

If you only take one idea away from this guide, it should be this: Where you host matters.

It’s a simple idea, but one that has far-reaching consequences. The implications of choosing a hosting company that isn’t a good fit for your business can be painful: slow sites, downtime, and worst of all, lost revenue. To the untrained eye, many hosting companies look the same. They offer products that appear similar, have similar features, and even similar guarantees. But looks can be deceiving. Once you scratch the surface, it becomes clear that all hosting isn’t created equal, and some hosting companies are better aligned with your business than others.

This guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when choosing a hosting company for your business

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