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Security Monitoring and SIEM

In today's globalized, digital economy, it's essential to monitor and guard your company's data against increasingly advanced cyber threats.

This is getting increasingly complicated by security skill shortage and alert-fatigue caused by too many security tools and not enough people.

An effective security program is a balance of people, process, and technology. Security monitoring involves the deployment of a Log Management and SIEM solution, that uses industry best practices proactively, and has the people to manage 24/7 monitoring.

This whitepaper by Cygilant covers why it is important to consider each of these areas in the decision-making process and where to leverage a trusted partner.

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Whitepaper: How Financial Services Security Leaders Can Confidently Face Their Next Audit

Chief information security officers (CISOs) and CIOs responsible for security struggle with limited resources to confront complex digital threats and compliance mandates. The threats are becoming more sophisticated. Attacks more numerous. Costs are soaring. Creating an effective in-house security program for mid-market financial services is getting harder every day.

Luckily, the emergence of a new service approach to security—called managed detection and response —is the basis for a business partnership that results in a continuous, stronger, more up-to-date security program for mid-market financial services firms.

This whitepaper explores a new, auditable approach by third-party service providers to create and strengthen a modern security capability in order to add value for your business.

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Whitepaper: SOC-as-a-Service for Law Firms

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of cybersecurity professionals whose task it is to monitor networks for cyberattacks and suspicious behavior, as well as improve internal security controls and procedures. Some large enterprises will have their own SOC, but for many law firms that's simply out of the question.

For a law firm, a managed SOC service company like Cygilant can make all the difference. In addition to providing expertise and a repeatable SOC process for effective and scalable operations, SOC analysts can provide detailed reviews of triggered events, and advise on security threats with in-depth knowledge about a law firm's environment, instead of treating each alert in isolation as good or bad.

Download this whitepaper from Cygilant to learn more about how to select a Security Operations Center as a Service Provider for your law firm.

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Whitepaper: Security Monitoring

Rooted in 20 years of experience and with hundreds of customers, Cygilant SOCVue Security Monitoring collects security events across your IT infrastructure, network, and applications. Our Security Analysts triage and investigate potential security incidents to give you rapid actionable recommendations.

Combining log management and security information and event management (SIEM) technology with machine learning, Cygilant helps you to proactively eliminate threats and meet compliance objectives.

Cygilant saves you time spent digging through the noise of thousands of events, or analyzing raw log files, to determine what is happening in the network.

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Whitepaper: Benefits of SOC-as-a-Service

Companies of all sizes need to improve their incident detection and response capabilities. Cybersecurity, however, is hard work. Resource constraints, including not having enough skilled staff, funding or time, combined with an ever-increasing amount of threats and compliance requirements are leaving businesses at a disadvantage and causing team burnout. A SOC-as-a-Service exists to help companies of all sizes extend both their team and their cybersecurity protections.

SOC-as-a-Service providers introduce security best practices into an organization, improve security data collection, processing, and analysis - and supplement an organization's internal skills.

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Whitepaper: Cygilant SOC-as-a-Service

Cybersecurity is hard work. Resource constraints - not enough time or limited resources - and ever increasing threats coupled with compliance requirements is leaving your business at a disadvantage and causing team burnout. Cygilant SOC-as-a-Service exists to help you.

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