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The Top 4 Myths of Policy Compliance & How to Avoid Non-Compliance

You CAN achieve continuous compliance. We’ll show you how.

Compliance is already a huge challenge for hybrid enterprises. But what makes it even harder? There are four common myths that can lead you down the wrong path, wasting your valuable resources and limited time and budget.

Don’t fall for the common myths that lure you into non-compliance! The TRUTH is that:

  • Real-time visibility really is possible.
  • Compliance is about more than just rules and access control.
  • Compliance is relevant even when you aren’t prepping for an audit.
  • It is not always better to block than permit access.

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Firewall CleanUp Recommendations

Firewalls are core to defending your network. But complex modern networks—and the simple passing of time—tend to make your firewalls weaker.

Firewall rule bases accumulate outdated, redundant and shadowed rules. So, if it’s time to clean up your firewalls, FireMon can help. Check out our white paper, “Firewall Cleanup Recommendations.”

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Security Automation 101: Change Management and the Complexity Gap

Manual change processes create far too many opportunities for mistakes and misconfigurations. They also burden overworked staff who should be doing higher-value projects.

This eBook shows you how security automation takes the drudge work off your staff, enables faster responses to change requests, and improves visibility throughout your hybrid cloud, by:

  • Enabling orchestration across hybrid network environments.
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities and reducing the complexity gap.
  • Empowering DevOps and DevSecOps with security capabilities.

Don’t wait—download our eBook Security Automation 101: Change Management and the Complexity Gap today.

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