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A CIO’s Guide to DevOps

You've heard about DevOps and digital transformation. What do they have to do with you, the CIO? How can you make sure your organization is not just current, but staying truly competitive?

Puppet takes on these questions in their guide to DevOps for CIOs, covering:

  • What DevOps actually means, and how it makes a difference.
  • Why DevOps matters to digital transformation in today's business climate and beyond.
  • How DevOps principles and practices can build your organizational muscle to deal with today's changes — and those to come.

The guide is based on survey findings and research gathered over five years from more than 25,000 IT professionals around the world. There's no bigger study of successful IT organizations and what they're doing right. Learn from the experience of others, and keep your organization out ahead of your competitors.

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DevOps and You: Advice for Building Your Career

Want to land a new job with a title like DevOps engineer or site reliability engineer? Or start adopting DevOps practices at your current job? Or move to an organization that has more mature DevOps practices? If so, this ebook is for you.

Puppet talked to dozens of engineers, managers and recruiters whose jobs (or the jobs they're hiring for) emphasize DevOps practices to see what insights they have to share. Throughout this ebook you'll find stories of how people got started in DevOps, details on the skills that will help you, and advice on how to be successful — or even land your next job.

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2016 State of DevOps Report

The fifth annual State of DevOps Report, presented by Puppet and DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA), confirms and highlights the fact that achieving higher IT and organizational performance is a team effort spanning development and operations — and it’s an investment that can deliver powerful returns.

This year’s report shows how DevOps speeds up delivery, improves quality and security, enhances employee engagement and more.

Download the report to learn why:

  • High-performing IT organization experience 200x more frequent deployments and 24x recovery from failures.
  • High performers spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work and 29 percent more time on new work, such as features or code.
  • Taking an experimental approach to product development improves IT performance.

The report also helps you understand the ROI of DevOps, and includes formulas to quantify your potential cost savings, using metrics from your own organization.

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The Value of IT Automation, Featuring Research from Gartner

At Puppet, we’ve been looking at the state of DevOps practices for several years and helping organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency.

We’ve learned a lot about the impact of DevOps at varying stages of IT automation maturity.

As DevOps has moved from theory to implementation for more organizations, a host of DevOps myths have blocked adoption in many organizations.

This publication debunks these myths so your organization can automate, innovate, and get ahead.

Download this publication, featuring research from Gartner, to discover:
  • Why DevOps is applicable to legacy environments, traditional enterprises and hierarchical organizations.
  • Practices that underpin DevOps, from version control to automated testing to infrastructure as code.
  • How companies like Walmart, Staples, Ambit Energy and Infusionsoft have embraced DevOps and IT automation.
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Get Started with DevOps: A Guide for IT Managers

If you’re managing an IT team, you may be turning to DevOps as the path to faster delivery of software.

DevOps can help your team become more efficient — and your organization more competitive — but you’ll need to be able to communicate to your team why things are changing, and how their usual working practices are likely to alter.

Download this guide to explore:
  • How to align DevOps with your organization’s goals.
  • What change might look like — for operations, development and the organization at large.
  • Why security is a great icebreaker.
  • The importance of focusing on the team over individual DevOps specialists.
  • How to embrace agile ways of working, along with infrastructure as code, code review, continuous integration and unit testing.
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Forrester Report: Improve Cybersecurity with DevOps

Have you considered that applications are your competitive advantage— and help you compete for customers?

The faster you’re able to deliver applications, the better you can compete.

Given this reality, many application development and delivery pros are wisely turning to DevOps to deliver applications faster — and more reliably.

Yet, rapid delivery leaves some IT leaders nervous about quality and cybersecurity. Does faster delivery equate to haphazard decisions and compromised cybersecurity?

Done right, DevOps can actually improve cybersecurity, not compromise it. DevOps helps build in quality from the start, allowing you to gather and act on feedback earlier, catch security flaws sooner in the delivery cycle, and respond faster to compromises.

This July 2015 Forrester Report explores:
  • Why consistent, automated DevOps processes are essential to closing vulnerabilities and limiting exposure.
  • Practices, such as infrastructure as code and automated provisioning, for closing holes as soon as patches are available.
  • How DevOps and security professionals can work together to adopt DevSecOps.
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