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MYPOS CONNECT: Overview of Features

More than a decade ago we saw the potential for a POS system that was seamlessly connected to the Cloud. So we re-engineered our Client-Server POS solution using Microsoft’s .NET development platform, because of its superior ability to leverage Cloud servers without having to write an app that runs from an Internet browser. In 2009 we released our first Cloud-enabled version of MyPOS Connect, and we’ve been developing on that foundation ever since.

What makes MyPOS Connect unique is that, although your corporate database is in the Cloud, the software application resides on each workstation or device, along with a scaled-down local copy of the database. So you get a crisply responsive user experience, just like an on-premise application would give you, but you’re working with real-time data that is securely accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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Eliminating Stockouts – An Inventory Planning Primer

With the advent of online sales digging deeper into retailers’ pockets, it is more important than ever for independent retailers to eliminate lost sales that occur as a result of stockouts.

According to a study in May 2018 by retail research organization IHL Group, customers of department stores and specialty retail shops experience a stockout 1 in 4 shopping trips. They estimate that stockouts are costing North American retailers more than $47B a year in sales! And where are these sales going? To Amazon, where else? IHL states that nearly 24% of Amazon’s North American retail revenue can be attributed to consumers who first tried to buy the product at a local store but couldn’t find it on the shelves.

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