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MSP’s Transform Their Endpoint Security eBook

In this eBook with Malwarebytes, learn about three different case studies of MSPs who used Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection in order to:

  • Prevent malware infections and associated disruption
  • Prevent client and MSP operational disruption due to ransomware
  • Increase level of endpoint protection
  • Reduce impact to end-user productivity
  • And overcome other endpoint security challenges

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Malwarebytes integration with ConnectWise Automate

Malwarebytes is a leader in the endpoint security space for MSPs with a best-in-class endpoint security portfolio. Its integration with ConnectWise Automate syncs data between both solutions so you can deliver strong client endpoint security using the latest Malwarebytes scanning and remediation tools. MSPs can also uncover new options for generating revenue by offering endpoint security as a new product and service offering.

In this Data Sheet, learn more about how Malwarebytes integration with ConnectWise Automate can protect clients from malware so they can recover quickly from infections and maintain business continuity.

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MSPs 5 Essentials from your Endpoint Security Partner

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are an important part of the IT environment, providing the knowledge and the trusted partnerships that enable organizations of all sizes to embrace innovations made available by our era of digital transformation.

While there has never been a more exciting time to be an MSP, there are also many challenges MSPs must navigate to acquire and preserve long-lasting client relationships. When it comes to managing cybersecurity, safeguarding client endpoints is a critical piece of the MSP service offering.

In this eBook, learn how your selected endpoint security vendor can ensure that you can streamline your client deployments, simplify your ability to prioritize your response efforts, and manage your clients at scale.

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