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Save 50% of your recruiting costs

Did you know that our AI-driven recruiting service can help you save 50% of your recruiting costs? Not only will our solution save you money, but it will also save you time – more than 170 recruiting hours per hire, to be exact.

Download this Data Sheet to know more about what we do, how we drive results, and how you can hire faster and smarter with AI-powered recruiting.

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How Onesignal Boosted Its Talent Pipeline By 65% With An AI-Powered Solution

Like many companies hiring for software engineering roles, OneSignal was having a hard time filling their candidate pipeline with traditional recruiting channels. They decided to partner with Celential.ai to increase their talent pool and hire for critical roles more quickly.

Within the first three months of our partnership, OneSignal saw significant results:

  • 65% increase in warm engineering candidates
  • 68 ready-to-interview candidates
  • 4 critical hires were closed

Read the case study to learn more about how OneSignal filled its critical engineering roles with ease.

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AI Talent Graph: New Frontier In Recruitment Tech

While hiring is one of the most important functions of the workplace, its processes haven’t seen much innovation in decades. At Celential.ai, our goal is to change that — that's why we’ve developed our proprietary AI-powered Talent Graph.

By combining advanced AI algorithms with massive data from thousands of signals and hundreds of sources, our Talent Graph uncovers deep insights about individuals, organizations, and their mutual fit. Here's an example:

Read our blog to learn the ins and outs of our Talent Graph, and how it can enable precise talent matching and hyper-personalized engagement at scale.

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AI-powered Proprietary Talent Graph

New Frontier in Recruitment Technology

Hiring is arguably the most important job at any workplace, yet the process hasn't undergone much innovation over the last twenty years. At least, that was the case before the AI-powered talent graph. This article explains Celential.ai’s proprietary talent graph in detail and how it can supercharge your recruitment efforts.

Download the data sheet to learn:

  • How the proprietary talent graph is created using massive data and machine learning algorithms
  • The breadth and depth of insights it can uncover with a real candidate example
  • Four ways the proprietary talent graph can empower your recruitment process

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Creating An Exceptional Candidate Experience For Tech Recruiting Success

Insights & Best Practices To Better Attract, Engage and Close Candidates In The Competitive Market

Many of us know the pain of the current tech talent squeeze, but are we in touch with what matters most to candidates in the hiring process? A stellar candidate experience directly translates into recruiting success — it helps companies boost employer branding, retain talent through every stage of engagement, and increase the possibility of a successful closing.

In this webinar, talent leaders from high-growth teams shared their best practices for improving candidate experience in the tech recruitment process and actionable tips for thriving in the remote hiring environment. Key topics include:

  • What tech candidates want to see from you
  • How to create a memorable first impression to attract talent
  • How to minimize friction in your hiring process
  • How to maintain a "human touch" in virtual interactions
  • How to leverage technology to enhance the candidate experience

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Building A Strong Tech Talent Pipeline

7 Strategies To Hire Faster and Smarter For High-growth Teams

2021 has been a boon for venture capital investment, post-pandemic growth, and available human capital via remote work. Consequently, the demand for tech talent is exploding with no signs of slowing down. How can hiring teams attract quality and diverse tech employees in this competitive landscape?

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with 100+ high-growth teams with the same core need: getting the right people into their organization as fast as possible. Here, we’re sharing what has worked best for these companies.

Download our ebook for actionable strategies, tips, examples, and resources about:

  • How to drive candidate engagement with your brand across multiple channels
  • How to use GitHub, Stack Overflow, and professional networks to source quality candidates
  • Where and how to find candidates with diverse backgrounds
  • How to get more passive candidates to respond
  • How to improve your candidate experience to make closing easier

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2021 Silicon Valley Software Engineering Talent Report

Exclusive Insights Into The Supply of This High-demand Workforce

The talent war for software engineers is ramping up across the globe, especially in highly competitive markets like the San Francisco Bay Area. To help hiring managers and talent leaders better navigate the evolving landscape and develop targeted recruiting strategies, here we are sharing unique insights on the supply of software engineer workforce in Silicon Valley. This report is developed from Celential.ai's rich talent graph of 5M software engineers in North America and an AI algorithm for a deep understanding of individuals and companies.

Download our full report to learn about:

  • How many software engineers are in the Bay Area
  • Workforce size and structure across a variety of roles (frontend, backend, full-stack, QA, DevOps, mobile, security, data, etc.)
  • Quantitative breakdowns of experience, tenure, education, and salary for each role

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