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Escape from the Cell: A Revolutionary Approach to Complex Spreadsheets

Since the advent of VisiCalc nearly 40 years ago, organizations have increasingly relied on spreadsheets for analysis, reporting, and other uses. As the need for decision speed and precision have escalated, however, business and analytic personnel alike have discovered that the lack of version control, large data sets, and cumbersome analytic tool integration now limit the usefulness of their spreadsheets. Many are looking for a way to supercharge their Excel capabilities. The question is how?

Read this fact sheet to learn how to evolve beyond what spreadsheets alone can achieve. FICO® Optimization Modeler is an advanced analytic platform that helps business experts solve their most challenging, mission-critical problems with powerful, fast and easy-to-use optimization tools. Its rich simulation, visualization and reporting capabilities immediately help transform business scenarios into compelling solutions, while allowing for easy import and export between third party analytic modeling tools and even your complex spreadsheets. Download now and learn more!

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FICO Opens Up the Complex World of Optimization to Business Analysts

At FICO, we’ve witnessed organizations across all industries increasingly realize the benefits of a bottoms-up approach to tackling their most complex challenges. By simply outlining broad objectives and then enabling their business analysts with the right tools and software, enterprises can see huge improvements in profitability, customer retention, and other key metrics.

FICO is on the frontlines of this evolution, especially when it comes to optimization. Not only do we provide cutting-edge, highly-scalable software and solutions, we’ve also developed a proven optimization methodology at the analyst level.

Please download this executive brief to learn more about how FICO can train and equip your business analysts to deliver optimal strategies and continuous improvement.

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Big Data Opens the Door for Prescriptive Analytics

Making customer-focused decisions that balance risk and profit just keeps getting harder. Even when you think you have the right criteria to make decisions, optimizing the outcomes can be even trickier.

So many factors impede your ability to make the smartest possible decisions: Oceans of big data that distort rather than clarify. Regulations that vary across regions. Customers who want an offer, fast, or else you’re going to lose them.

To be truly successful, organizations have to put advanced analytics into the hands of their lines of business, not just the data scientists and operations researchers who have traditionally owned this domain. At the same time, these tools need to be highly configurable in order to avoid overloading the IT department.

This white paper covers how the collision of economic, technological, and human factors mandates a new approach to decisions that will solve these challenges and leverage prescriptive analytics across the enterprise.

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