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Adding Anomaly Detection to Your Secure Access Strategy

Security analytics are a double-edged sword: while the information they provide can be vital to identify potential issues or anomalies before they become problems, the quantity of data collected and alerts generated can overwhelm even the most experienced security team. By processing all of the telemetry collected during an access attempt and setting a baseline, Duo understands whether a login is normal or deviates from established patterns. This helps administrators efficiently focus on the most likely risks and remediate them. How can we best filter the noise of routine authentications and highlight anomalous logins that may require attention? Join Cisco’s Ted Kietzman to explore anomaly detection and secure access.

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From MFA to Zero Trust: A Five-Phase Journey to Securing the Workforce

Zero trust has become a dominant security model for the changes brought by mobility, consumerization of IT and cloud applications. And while the term zero trust continues to infiltrate IT security conversations, it raises an important question: how do we get there?

In this guide, we examine the three pillars of zero trust: Zero Trust for the Workforce, Zero Trust for the Workloads and Zero Trust for the Workplace. We pay particular attention to the journey to achieving Zero Trust for the Workforce, which focuses on making sure users and devices can be trusted as they access applications and systems, regardless of location.

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