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Start your Journey to the Smart Factory

Taking the first step towards the smart factory with an initial assessment is the first stage in a four-step process that enables you to build a real-time, connected, intelligent smart factory.

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Engineering The Smart Factory

As we enter Industry 4.0, the pressure on manufacturers to build "smart factories" using the cloud intensifies. But it's not as simple as just integrating a few IoT devices. To engineer a truly intelligent, hyperconnected, agile factory floor you need to optimize your underlying business processes at levels, and align them with your cloud strategy to be successful.

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Customer Case Study

AdvanSix needed to create its own ERP platform and turned to trusted partner Fujitsu to develop a flexible, scalable, and reliable SAP HANA® solution built on Microsoft Azure®.

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Your plan to move from traditional Data Center IT to Azure Hybrid IT

Fujitsu Hybrid IT Transformation Services for Microsoft Azure® enable enterprises to transform their Data Center based IT to an integrated Azure Hybrid IT environment; to make the most out of the agility and cost benefits of Azure. We deliver both the planning and implementation services where, Azure Total Economic Assessment, delivers a concise view of your current state, including a design of your anticipated future state, and creates a migration plan: broken down into business system and transaction-oriented move groups, that minimizes the risk.

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Canon Case Study

Learn How Canon USA Uses Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM to Scale its Business

Dennis Amorosano, SVP and GM at Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, shares how Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM, fully customizable order management solution, enabled Canon USA to more effectively drive the sale of software and subscriptions through hundreds of channel partners.

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GLOVIA® OM Order and Inventory Management App

Learn How Your Team/Channel Partners Can Access Vital Information Seamlessly On the Go

Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM Order and Inventory Management App offers a robust solution for companies and their channel partners to place orders, manage inventory and fulfillment while on the go. Working seamlessly between online and offline mode, GLOVIA OM Order and Inventory Management App can dramatically improve productivity, accuracy and customer experience for any company.

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Watch NOW: Demo on Fujitsu GLOVIA OM

Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is a fully customizable order management solution to integrate all your business processes, from sales to fulfillment, with unmatched transparency and efficiency. All without ripping and replacing legacy systems. See what GLOVIA OM can do for your business!

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Learn How Canon USA Uses Fujitsu GLOVIA® OM

Salesforce's Andrew Gothelf traveled to Melville, NY, to the campus of Canon USA, to speak with Dennis Amorosano, SVP and GM at Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, to learn how his team uses Fujitsu GLOVIA OM to enable order and subscription management for it and hundreds of channel partners.

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3 Signs That Your Inventory Management System is Stifling Your Growth

Every expanding business encounters productivity bottlenecks that stunt its growth in the short-term and can potentially lead to financial problems and eventual failure. One of such bottlenecks is an inventory management system that fails to meet the company’s growing demands. Throughout my career, I’ve seen it many times and learned to recognize the signs which indicate that it’s time to do something about it.

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