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Finding the ROI in Digital Transformation

OSIsoft commissioned Navigant Research to analyze its PI System through interviews with customers, market data, and analyst insights into the market. This analysis does not represent an endorsement of the PI System but rather a review of key findings and case studies from the user perspective. Findings from the interviews show compelling evidence for positive returns on investment (ROIs) from a PI System deployment. However, a critical element Navigant Research’s analysis uncovered the need to select the appropriate use case for the system.

This white paper contains Navigant Research’s view of key trends within the digital transformation market, case studies from PI System customers, and Navigant Research’s recommendations for industrial customers considering digital transformation platforms.

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IDG Survey Highlights the Challenges in Operational Data Analytics Projects

This Market Pulse report from IDG, shows that companies in the industrial sector expect to gain significant value from analyzing their operational data, but only if they can overcome a series of obstacles around handling data and forging connections among business units.

OSIsoft, who commissioned the research around this report, is the most widely deployed solution for capturing data from sensors and smart devices across manufacturing, energy, utilities, pharma, life sciences, transportation and facility management. OSIsoft’s software turns vast data streams into rich, real-time actionable insights.

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