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The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8

Whether you’re a site builder, module or theme developer, or simply an end user of a Drupal website, Drupal 8 has tons in store for you. This ebook will enumerate the major changes in Drupal 8 for end users, for site builders, for designers and front-end developers, and for back-end developers.

Note that since Drupal 8 is still under active development, some of the details here may change prior to its release. Drupal 8 is now feature-frozen, so most information should remain relevant. Where applicable, Drupal 7 contributed equivalents of Drupal 8 features will be noted.

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Cloud Security in Flux— Protecting Your Business with Defense in Depth

Can you build an invincible Drupal site? The easy answer is no, but you have a few ways to prepare and secure your site to withstand any sort of vulnerability or traffic spike.

Protecting your Drupal site requires multiple levels of security. By building layers of application-, network-, and endpoint-level protections—or what Acquia calls “defense in depth”— organizations can buy time to fend off would-be attackers, improving resiliency. However, defense isn’t just about on-premise security. Keeping your Drupal site safe and secure is a shared responsibility across your organization and trusted vendors.

In this ebook, we’ll go over ways you can best secure your Drupal site and best practices for how your organization handles security incidents.

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Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia

In the past decade, the web has changed completely. What was once merely a content distribution channel is now all about social content—rich, interactive blends of media types shared by diverse groups of individuals and delivered to a variety of devices.

This sweeping change brought a new set of challenges. Many organizations’ websites now have blogging functionality, internal collaboration sites, customer support via technical forums, commerce functionality, and support for various devices, such as iPad and Android.

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Putting the Design in Responsive Design

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the predominant consumer choice, with adoption increasing daily as PC sales diminish in response. Designing your digital site for desktop or laptop, as well as tablets and smartphones within a single codebase, is called responsive design.
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Acquia Lift: Personalization in Drupal

The days of “one-size-fits-all” marketing are over, and hyper-personalization is the new norm. Digital marketers and site owners are being asked to do more with less to engage customers, segment their audience, and offer highly tailored content. Acquia Lift provides the right content, at the right time through automation that serves the most relevant content to the site visitor.
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