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Scaling Data Science for the Industrial Internet – Advanced Analytics in Real Time

One estimate holds that, by 2020, businesses involved with the Internet of Things will spend roughly 26% of their entire IoT cost on technologies and services that store, integrate, visualize, and analyze data from various IoT devices—or nearly twice what IoT companies spend today. Conventional techniques for extracting and evaluating IoT data need to get a lot smarter if companies are to keep pace with the phenomena they’re tracking. In this ebook, author Andy Oram discusses the state of IoT analytics by examining ThingWorx and its partners Glassbeam and National Instruments—companies that provide development tools and capabilities for building and running IoT applications. By learning how to use modern techniques to automate and speed up analytics on IoT projects, you can gain an edge in security, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiencies.

  • Understand the demands of IoT analytics by exploring examples of farm, factory, vehicle maintenance, and healthcare automation
  • Explore the characteristics of predictive analytics, a realm where you don’t know in advance which factors are relevant
  • Examine the tools for IoT analytics used by companies at various levels of data analytics
  • Get revealing case studies of IoT analytics from ThingWorx, Glassbeam, and National Instruments
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Protecting Smart Devices and Applications Throughout the IoT Ecosystem

IoT security presents unique challenges to every party involved in the process – from device manufacturers and product development managers to application developers and end users. The top challenges to effective IoT security are directly related to the benefits of the IoT itself: the lack of human intervention needed for thousands of smart, connected devices to operate and the variety of devices that can be connected. This new whitepaper by Rob Black, CISSP, Senior Director of Product Management at PTC, addresses IoT security best practices at the device and application level, such as:

  • Data and network traffic encryption
  • Audit trails
  • Granular permissions and visibility
  • Secure software development life cycle (SDLC)

Download this white paper and learn how an IoT platform can help secure your enterprise today.

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Connecting Networked Devices

Connected devices are the heart of the IoT. Without those devices or the vital connectivity that brings them to life, the IoT simply wouldn’t exist. Industry statistics tell the story: Gartner Research estimates that there are 6.4 billion connected devices in use in 2016 and projects that the number will balloon to 20.8 billion by 2020. The CEO of a major telecom company thinks it’s closer to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. In a new report from O’Reilly Media, you can learn about the requirements needed to connect networked devices – from prototyping to scaling IoT for the enterprise. Download the report now and you will learn:

  • The unique security challenge for connected devices in the IoT
  • The difference between local devices, devices on the edge of the IoT, and devices in the cloud
  • How to prototype and what is needed to plan for scale
  • What to consider when designing the prototype, such as its physical environment
  • How to address the key life-cycle activities of a connected device

Download “Connecting Networked Devices: Prototyping and Scaling IoT in the Enterprise” today!

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Driving the IoT Journey: 10 Trends to Watch

Many companies are in the early stages of their IoT enablement journey and are searching for the right information to make smart, informed choices. A new whitepaper from ABI Research outlines the top trends to watch in the IoT market over the next year, from technology advancements in connectivity and rapid application enablement to augmented reality, analytics automation, and the rise of IoT marketplaces. Download the whitepaper today to learn:

  • How these technologies and trends will impact the IoT market into 2017
  • Which new opportunities and challenges will shape the future of IoT
  • How enterprises need to engage customers, partners, and IoT suppliers
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IoT Upsets Application Development

Before IoT, applications worked using a "request and response" design where information flows in one direction. Now with the emergence of IoT, applications need to be able to flow data both ways and be able to learn from the incoming data to make improvements on-the-fly.

This report will provide you with insight into how applications must now be developed to cater to an IoT world and how you can incorporate machine learning to facilitate IoT data interpretation.

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Evaluating and Choosing an IoT Platform

This guide is a great way for determining which IoT platform is the best fit for your business. This guide will teach you how to break down the different aspects to consider when selecting an IoT solution such as:

  • Consumer vs Industrial grade platforms
  • What IoT Functionality is most important for you business
  • Key IoT platform features
  • How to evaluate IoT platform vendors
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The Platform Transformation: How IoT Will Change IT and When

IoT is here to stay. In fact, the IoT platform market is projected to hit $1.6 billion by 2021. IoT makes it possible for businesses to connect to things, people, and locations, manage those connections and harnesses data that can provide insight for businesses.

This report explores key considerations for future-proofing elements of your IT stack and smoothing the transition to IoT components for your business.

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Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution

IoT may seem like a wide array of technologies arranged in a bewildering set of combinations, which is true, but reading this eBook can thankfully break things down for you into clear layers that you can use to inform your mental model of IoT to create your own IoT application. This eBook will teach you how to:

  • Break down IoT into a mental framework to think about your solution
  • Connect, secure and interact with things in the cloud
  • Design and implement with key cloud technologies in mind
  • Wrap up all the information into an application quickly and effectively
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