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The Best Free and Open Source Tools for Vulnerability Remediation

The number of newly disclosed vulnerabilities has been growing exponentially year after year for more than a decade. With so many new vulnerabilities to fix a notable number of free and open source tools have become available to help get fix done. This white paper breaks down the most-useful free and open source tools for security and IT operations teams to make the work of vulnerability management and remediation easier at scale.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • Which free and open source tools will help your entire team get fix done.
  • Which tools are best to replace expensive, proprietary vulnerability management solutions.
  • How to identify the right tools for vulnerability scanning, for remediation intelligence, and for automating patch and configuration management.

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Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration in Action

Vulnerability management programs exist first and foremost to drive desired business outcomes, and second to reduce business risk. But vulnerability management must be done right, and go beyond traditional expectations, to have the desired effect on the business.

Join Vulcan Cyber CEO, Yaniv Bar-Dayan, as he outlines the maturity model for vulnerability remediation designed to move security and IT operations teams from reactive to data-driven, and from orchestrated to transformed. Then Yaniv will provide a live demonstration of the Vulcan Cyber vulnerability remediation orchestration platform in action.

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A Business Case for Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration

From the moment you scan for vulnerabilities, the rest of the remediation effort becomes tedious and manual. The growing scale and complexity of these programs has resulted in unbearable inefficiencies. Companies now spend an average of nearly 500 hours a week on vulnerability management with no guarantee of a remediation outcome. This white paper provides the details, the math and examples to help you build a business case for vulnerability remediation orchestration. It is time to get fix done.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this white paper:

  • How to calculate the effectiveness and ROI of legacy vulnerability management programs.
  • Why vulnerability management isn’t enough, and is leaving your business exposed.
  • How to build an internal business case for vulnerability remediation orchestration.

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