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Wallet Solutions

Onboard your users with our easy-to-implement wallet solutions. Choose our Wallet API to take full control of the UX, or the Wallet Widget - where we take care of security and compliance.

Venly Wallet allows your users to interact with Web3 familiarly, while we take care of the security & complexity. Integrate our widget in minutes or go for our API solution to get total freedom on UX and asset management.

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NFT Solutions

Build & scale your project with our comprehensive set of Web3 tools. We provide wallet services, marketplace solutions, NFT tools, and more.

To realize our vision of bringing blockchain to the mainstream, we offer NFT tools for anyone to access Web3. Looking to make and sell NFTs? This is a great place to start.

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Gaming Solutions

Effortlessly onboard players into the world of Web3 and build a thriving community around your game. Boost engagement and create new monetization opportunities by incorporating NFTs into gameplay.

Our Web3 Gaming Toolkit is simple for you and your users. You'll launch your game ahead of schedule, while options like social login will eliminate friction for your players.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Engage your customers with exclusive NFT collections, gated virtual experiences, and tokenized “phygital” assets. The opportunities are endless and you can do it all with one app.

NFTs are changing e-commerce as we know it. Don’t get left behind. Community building, digital twins, gated content, customer profiling - see what you can do with tokens.

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