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5 Must Haves in an Automated Security Platform

Researching and committing to an automated security platform can be a confusing process. You know you need to get compliant – quickly. And, you understand that an automated platform can help make that happen. The problem is, what exactly should you focus on when deciding which platform is right for you?

Vanta’s guide will answer this question and more. Download the guide to learn more about:

  • The five features to look for in an automated platform.
  • How these features can accelerate your compliance process.
  • Why investing in the right compliance platform now can enhance your security in the future.

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The Security for Saas CTOs Checklist

As a CTO, you’re responsible for securing a lot of moving parts of an organization. Between protecting your users, your data, and your applications, there are any number of ways that security can get difficult, or even downright complicated.

One solution: Make a list of all your security needs and the actions that need to be taken. Vanta created this checklist to simplify the process so that you can help secure your organization as efficiently as possible.

In this checklist, you’ll learn:

  • The six biggest steps you’ll need to take.
  • A comprehensive list of security action items.
  • Ways to plan for the future.

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How To Automate Compliance and Simplify Security

See the market-leading compliance automation software in action! Join this product demo to learn how Vanta can quickly help you build trust and drive growth by improving your compliance, security, and risk posture with an easy-to-use solution.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of demonstrating your ability to safeguard the privacy and security of customers and the critical role compliance standards play.
  • How Vanta automates up to 90% of the work for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more and gets you ready for audits in weeks instead of months.
  • Scalable security monitoring, Trust Reports, and more!

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The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Compliance Program

Do you need to add more security frameworks to your existing compliance program, but don’t know where to start? Scaling your compliance program can feel like you’re proving your security from scratch. It doesn’t have to.

Vanta’s ultimate guide to growing your compliance program shares strategies and best practices for adding compliance standards without adding to your workload. Learn how to scale, manage, and optimize alongside your business goals.

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