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The PeopleFluent Guide to Improving Your Candidate Experience

To achieve maximum results, businesses must evolve with the times and technology. Especially in talent management. Your recruiting process needs to be faster, smarter, and more innovative to beat your competition and meet top candidates’ expectations. To help, we present 5 Critical Steps that will enrich your candidates’ experience, including how to:

  • Set your organization apart with consistent communication
  • Make your career site more engaging and informative
  • Accelerate your offer process

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The PeopleFluent Guide to Using Continuous Sourcing for High Volume Recruiting

Transform Your Sourcing Process from Reactive to Proactive

Continuous Sourcing Technology is Now a Necessity

Imagine if the next time a job requisition came up in your organization, just one click could get your recruiting team started with a pre-sorted, pre-screened group of candidates. PeopleFluent’s continuous sourcing capabilities do just that!

Download The PeopleFluent Guide to Using Continuous Sourcing for High Volume Recruiting to discover the benefits of continuous sourcing and the specific ways it can improve your recruiting process:

  • Proactive recruiting
  • Centralized pooling
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Reduced time to fill

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A Checklist: What’s the Best Recruiting Solution for You?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself at the Start of the Buying Process

Your Go-to Resource When Looking for a New Recruiting Solution

In the market for a new recruiting solution but don’t know where to start? This handy checklist will help you assess your organization’s needs, and provide you the most important considerations when starting to research potential solutions.

Download the checklist What’s the Best Recruiting Solution for You? for a concise resource that will help you start the Talent Acquisition software buying process strategically. The Checklist includes questions to consider like:

  • Is responsive design important to you?
  • Do some of your best hires come from contingent labor or current employees?

Define your organization’s needs in juxtaposition to today’s recruiting technology capabilities with this useful resource.

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The PeopleFluent Guide to Being a Candidate’s First Choice

What catches a candidate’s eyes? What draws them in to learn about your organization? Whether you believe that capturing a candidate’s attention is an art or a science, you’ll need both nowadays to jump off the screen and into their minds. Use this guide to improve your appeal to top candidates, including how to:

  • Build (or refresh) you referral program
  • Ensure your application is not a barrier to entry
  • Communicate personally and frequently

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