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2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report

Sales development is arguably the most critical investment for developing pipeline in today’s B2B businesses. To better understand the impact and best practices, TOPO surveyed 179 sales development leaders and compiled the results and strategies in this 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report. This report provides insights organizations can apply to adopt or evolve their sales development practice in 2019 and beyond.

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Outsmart Your Quota

A quality pipeline is the lifeblood of every business. If you’re on a customer facing team - sales, customer success, recruiting - building pipeline is your job. Most customer facing teams spend their day in email and their CRM, yet still have to use 3-5 additional applications to get their job done. The context switching, the manual processes, and the clicking on multiple tabs are all distractions that decrease productivity, increase manual error, and affect the team’s ability to build pipeline to close sales, retain customers and recruit key hires. Mixmax enhances, personalizes and automates the communication and manual process associated with building a pipeline.

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The Sales Team Lifecycle For Early Stage Companies

The Sales Team Lifecycle is a roadmap companies can follow to effectively put in place the right salespeople, processes, technology, and metrics as they grow from seed to Series C. This roadmap provides a proven approach to aligning the sales team with the company’s size and growth, and setting expectations for what is required at each stage. By following this framework, companies can avoid making the mistakes that introduce unnecessary risk into their sales organizations, go-to-market strategies, and growth plans.

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A Data Driven Playbook For Sales Success

Working in sales means constantly staying ahead of the game. We want to help—Mixmax is on a mission to help every sales leader level up in their roles. This guide equips you with data, frameworks, processes, tips, templates, and insight to do exactly that—to help you work smarter, level-up, and achieve your dreams as a result. The insights that you’ll encounter come from a mix of sales practitioners, industry data, and customer feedback.

There's more to sales content than voicemail templates. We dug deep to find data you can use to grow in your sales career, including median salary updates, tips to own your leadership trajectory, and deep dives into how quotas get made, and how you can own your number and grow beyond it. This is a guide made with your career in mind—jump in and take your next step toward growth!

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