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Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: How to Use Mobile Analytics to Deliver the Best App ROI

Where the business performance of their mobile app portfolios are concerned, most companies are flying blind. While traditional application portfolios are held to all kinds of ROI measure, the investment plan for mobile apps – increasingly the more crucial bet – is made by guesswork and dart-throwing.

This interactive e-book investigates how mobile is driving the need for app and portfolio measures unlike any we saw in the days of web. Good mobile analytics must deliver leading indicators of user experience to drive business investment. Includes the five mobile analytics no organization should be without.

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APIs & MBaaS: How to Extend Your Enterprise Architecture for a Mobile World

“Mobile,” as Forrester Research observes, “is pushing aging web architectures to the brink.” A good mobile architectural tier requires:

• Elastic scalability
• Prebuilt, mobile-optimized APIs
• A robust capability for building custom APIs
• Seamless synchronization
• Security & governance

Download this whitepaper and learn how each of these requirements can help you seamlessly mobilize your enterprise data to improve your mobile apps.

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Three Principles of the Mobile Era or Mastering the Mobile Shift: Three Keys to the New Enterprise

Companies positioned to win the Age of Mobile have grasped the following principles:

• Apps are different from applications
• APIs are the lifeblood of mobility
• Analytics eliminate the guesswork in mobile success

In this whitepaper, you will learn the tools, technologies and strategies that are necessary for a mobile-ready IT to master the three keys to the new enterprise. Read on to see why 70% of Fortune 100 companies use Appcelerator for their mobile projects.

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Top Social Media and HTML5 Considerations for Mobile App Success

Stay in front of the competition by educating yourself on the backend of mobile app development. Download the developer survey report from IDC and Appcelerator to learn about two hot app development topics - social media and HTML5. Find out why social media is an absolute must, and why HTML5 could be the key to richer app experiences.
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4 Steps to Driving Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

Transform customer relationships by creating a world-class mobile app experience that will keep users coming back for more. Download the white paper from Appcelerator to discover the four key mobile relationship lifecycle components- reach, loyalty, engagement and monetization - that can help you develop "sticky" apps that will resonate with users.
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4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy

Make sure your business knows how to stand out among the growing number of mobile apps. Download the white paper from Appcelerator to learn the four simple steps for creating solid, scalable apps that engage users, effectively utilize device features, and give your business a presence in the mobile marketplace - fast.
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