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10 Best Practices for Driving Constituent Engagement through Digital Services

The public sector is undergoing a paradigm shift. Local, state, and federal agencies are realizing that there is a common solution to the problems of cost overruns, low performance, and employee turnover.

Just as leading companies in the private sector have improved the customer experience, governments can shake off their biggest burdens and focus on accomplishing their public service missions by improving the constituent experience.

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A Government Guide For Going Digital

A digital office frees up your government to focus on more complex problems, offers a better experience for constituents, and creates new possibilities for engagement.

The good news: In the past decade, SaaS companies have made the process of “going digital” affordable and easy, saving you more time and money as you streamline internal operations and engagement with constituents.

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2019 Trends in Digital Accessibility for Government

As federal, state, and local governments embrace the digital age, law requires online information and services to be accessible to all staff and constituents.

But with the constantly evolving digital landscape, many governments are at a loss for how to incorporate accessibility into their digital strategy. What do governments need to know about digital accessibility and how can they stay ahead of the curve?

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How the City of Sacramento Scaled it’s Online Government Services

Greg Western, website administrator for the City of Sacramento, and his small web team have now converted more than 600 paper-based forms to online services for the City. In this case study, you'll learn how his team got started on going paperless and how, two years later, the team now works with 13 different departments on an ongoing basis to digitize forms and streamline processes for citizens and staff.

The case study answers key questions such as:

  • How did your team start going paperless?
  • How did you calculate time savings for digital forms?
  • What are your most used forms?
  • How do you handle form governance and permissioning?
  • Has the accuracy of form submissions improved?
  • How have your processes changed since digitizing your forms?
  • What platforms have you integrated with SeamlessDocs?
  • What workflows do you use?
  • Did you have any accessibility issues?

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