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Finding the Right LMS: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

To retain a competitive edge, your organization needs an LMS that enables effective communication with your remote workforce, supports your learning and development strategy, drives customer enablement, and connects learners with personalized and continuous training opportunities.

With so many platforms to choose from, you need a clear idea about what each LMS offers, how it supports your organization’s goals, and delivers the learning experience your people want. Finding the best fit means asking the right questions.

Filled with insight and actionable advice, download the ebook to discover:

  • The features and benefits to look for.
  • Whether your current systems meet your needs.
  • How to connect, align, and grow your organization.

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HR.com’s Future of Employee Engagement 2023-24

Employee engagement is associated with a wide array of positive business outcomes, but that doesn’t make it any easier to achieve. Engaging your people takes the right practices, appropriate technologies, and actionable information—and The Future of Employee Engagement report is the perfect place to start. This Bridge-sponsored research offers a wide array of digestible data points on the status, impacts, and drivers of engagement in 2024.

Download your copy and find out how engagement leaders are keeping their people energized and attentive.

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4 Ways to Get Your Teams to Make Time for Learning

Employee engagement levels are low, workloads are heavy, and—without the right approach—the benefits of learning programs can easily be drowned out amidst the noise of busy workers’ lives.

Getting your teams to make time for learning might seem like a daunting task. That’s why our latest ebook is here to help you get your people ready to learn, with tips on topics ranging from practical learning formats to career-driven motivation strategies.

Check out the ebook and feast your eyes on an array of handy insights, including:

  • The need for protected learning time among time-poor workers.
  • The retention-related benefits of microlearning and course chunking .
  • The value of talent mobility as a much-needed motivator for reluctant learners.

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