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How to Prepare Contact Account Data For ABM

Among B2B communities, 2017 brought upon several new concepts, trends and technologies...But perhaps none captured more attention than the re-emergence of account-based marketing as a viable growth strategy.

Download ZoomInfo's latest eBook to step-by-step guide for optimizing account & contact data to support an account-based marketing strategies, including:

  • Data-driven approach to account selection.
  • Understanding the importance of contact data.
  • Best practices to managing contact & account data.

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How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

It’s no secret Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems support sales operations and leadership. It’s also no secret that field reps, whether Account Executives or Sales Development Representatives, despise CRMs.

Not only does it take too much time to document activities and handle administrative tasks, but the entire system is predicated on keeping up with customer and prospect data. And make no mistake: if fueled by dirty data, your CRM becomes another obstacle hindering your team's success.

Leveraging research and commentary from industry analysts, this eBook explores how to utilize data quality solutions to empower your entire sales organization – from leadership and operations to those on the frontlines in the field – and avoid the time suck that is CRM maintenance, while also optimizing its intended use case as the tool companies call the “single source of truth” for customer lifecycle management.

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G2 Marketing Intelligence

Accounts buy, but it’s the people – stakeholders, decision makers & influencers – who decide. Marketing Intelligence empowers B2B sales ops to identify high-value accounts which match an organization’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on firmographic, technographic and real-time buying signals.

So, which vendors help organizations capitalize on these insights?

Access your complimentary report of the G2 Crowd Grid® for Marketing Account Intelligence - a visual display which showcases the marketplace rankings based on benchmarks for both market trend analysis and product comparison from actual sales and marketing professionals!

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3 Mistakes Organizations Make While Developing ABM Programs

Ensure account-based marketing success.

So, you’re thinking about implementing ABM?

NEWSFLASH: Account-based marketing is back and more popular than ever! Despite rampant success stories, far too often, we see sales and marketing teams fall into common traps that derail programs before campaigns even kick-off.

Download ZoomInfo’s latest eBook to learn how to avoid the following critical errors associated with ABM strategies:

  • Poor account selection processes.
  • Inadequate contact inventory within universe.
  • Wasteful technology & services spending.

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Cold Calling Tips & Tricks

The objective of a cold call is neither to convince, nor is it to sell. The goal is to establish communication and schedule a follow up meeting. However, the road to success is often lined with obstacles, from gatekeepers and voicemails, to inefficient and tedious prospecting endeavors.

ZoomInfo designed this e-Book with the intent to help you maximize your cold calling success. Sure, it can be painful at times, but when using the right tools and tactics, cold calling is still an effective way to generate quality leads.

Download ZoomInfo’s latest eBook for a number of cold calling tips & tricks to help you increase your connect rate and generate more leads to fuel your funnel.

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The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Why improving your call to connect rate is the key to beating sales goals.

Often, the sales reps who fail to hit the phones hard, are the ones wondering how they missed their quota. That said, while hitting the phones, not all sales outreach is created equal. Consider the following:

  • It takes 22 minutes to connect using switchboard numbers, but with direct dials it only takes 5 minutes.
  • When dialing a direct dial phone number at the director level, your SDR is 46% more likely to connect.
  • On top of that, when dialing a direct dial number at the VP level, your SDR is 147% more likely to connect.

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Buyers Checklist How To Evaluate a B2B Contact Data Provider

With so much upside, leveraging B2B sales intelligence vendors to support sales goals is a no brainer...

But far too often organizations fail to properly evaluate vendors during the selection process. The result? Headaches and sunk costs.

Download ZoomInfo’s checklist to learn how to evaluate:

  • A prospective vendor's data quality & inventory.
  • Must-have, essential key features vs. bells & whistles.
  • Integrations that ensure the solution fits into your sales process and workflows.

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5 Essential Features of a Prospecting Solution

Is your sales team equipped with the tools needed to exceed their quota?

Is your sales team equipped with the tools needed to exceed their quota?

Using ZoomInfo’s field surveys and exclusive research, third-party industry studies, and analyst briefs, this report aims to help B2B sales leaders understand:

  • How prospecting solutions help maximize sales productivity.
  • 5 must-have features to consider while assessing the vendor landscape.
  • How to choose the right prospecting solution for your sales team.

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