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RelativityOne Toolkit: eDiscovery Security in the Cloud

Today, over 13,000 organizations trust Relativity with their most sensitive e-discovery data. From user permissions, 24/7 monitoring, to our secure software development life cycle and our commitment to compliance, security is at the foundation of what we do. Download our toolkit to learn about:

  • The flexible tools and security built in to RelativityOne and our strong partnership with Azure.
  • Our culture of security and how we stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • How to address today’s biggest security concerns.

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Relativity Trust: Understanding Security in RelativityOne

An introduction to our commitment to protect e-discovery data

At Relativity, security isn’t just a checklist - it’s a way of life and a reflection of our core values. From our people and operations, to how we design RelativityOne and the foundation we build on in Microsoft Azure - security is a defining component of who we are. As such, we are committed to make RelativityOne the most trusted and reliable cloud solution you will ever use. Extending beyond ISO 27001 compliance, our information security practices and operations include how we deliver - such as staff onboarding and administrative safeguards, the processes and technology needed to protect your data, the security and privacy protection inherent to RelativityOne and Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure, and more.

Download this white paper for more details, from hiring practices to password policies and penetration tests.

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