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All Digital 3 Evaluation Checklist

Selecting an ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) for your lab can be overwhelming. This checklist will help you gather information and make the necessary decisions to move into the next phase of choosing an ELN system.

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NEOsphere Streamlines Experimentation Process With eLabJournal

NEOsphere strives to become the preferred proteomics partner of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies active in the TPD space to expand their programs and create new entry points for drug discovery.

To streamline their documentation process and track samples more efficiently, the NEOsphere team searched for a customisable solution that fit their unique needs. They needed an online solution to scale up their documentation and enable them to better manage their increased samples throughout the entire experimentation process.

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eLabNext Enables Internal COVID-19 lab for Boston University

Boston University (BU) was able to establish an in-house COVID-19 testing lab for its students, faculty, and staff with the help of eLabNext solutions. Despite the challenge of integrating two separate EMR systems and testing robots, eLabNext's robust APIs played a critical role in enabling the lab to process over 9,000 samples at its peak. This case study showcases how eLabNext facilitated BU's testing objectives by providing a streamlined and efficient approach. If you're interested in integrating custom lab tools and equipment like BU, download the case study to learn more.

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Bringing ‘All Digital’ to Your Lab

Interested in learning about the transition from paper to digital in the lab? Download our white paper.

Key Points:

  • Life science labs across academia, industry and government are producing, storing, analyzing and sharing a massive amount of digital data.
  • Yet, many researchers still rely on paper lab notebooks that don’t have the capacity, formatting or sharing capabilities to accommodate or integrate digital data.
  • An all-digital approach using an electronic lab notebook (ELN) can solve these issues through improved searchability, time-saving functionality, decreased data entry errors, and more.
  • eLabJournal is an intuitive, flexible, all-in-one ELN that improves lab efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving data, samples, and protocols.

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