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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Business Phone System

The phone allows your business to flourish. It’s your lifeline to the outside world and is critical to the image you project to customers. It’s your connection to your customers and millions of prospective customers who will reach out to you. That is why selecting the right phone system is important. You need to be sure that the system you choose is reliable and adaptable to the changing needs of your growing business. There’s no need to waste time with trial and error when you can learn from other businesses like yours. To help, we’ve compiled five common mistakes people make when selecting a business phone system; and, more importantly, how you can avoid making these mistakes.
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Virtualized Security is Different

In this short paper, we will look at six dos and don'ts for security in virtualized Data Centers. These best practices can help enterprises and service providers come to grips with the security challenges that apply to virtualized environments.
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Why Device Fingerprinting Provides Better Network Security than IP Blocking

Unfortunately, most network security products rely on the equivalent of drivers' licenses: IP addresses associated with known attacks and spam. But there is a better way. In this short paper we will examine:
- Why IP reputation-based blocking doesn't catch smart cyber-criminals
- How device fingerprinting changes the economics of hacking
- How device fingerprinting works
- How global intelligence service based upon device fingerprinting can enhance your
network security infrastructure.
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Data Center Web Apps need more than IP-Based Defenses and Next-Generation Firewalls.

Web apps have become the target of choice for cyber-criminals, "hacktivists" and government-sponsored hackers who have learned to evade conventional data center defenses by targeting application-level vulnerabilities. Read this whitepaper to further educate on two new technologies "Intrusion Deception" and "Application-level DDos Protection" which will ultimately misdirect and mislead attackers and deliver a fully automated DDoS protection system for websites and Web applications.
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