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Nuxeo Insight

This analyst report reviews the artificial intelligence (AI) product from Nuxeo. The report provides a technology and market assessment of Nuxeo Insight including company viability, market visibility, market growth, and product.

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2020 Paper: Reducing Image Hide & Seek

Most marketers and designers spend a lot of time (too much, in fact) searching for images, videos, design files, and more.

Research by Nuxeo has shown that on average people spend just under an hour every working day just looking for content assets associated with their job. In 60% of the cases where an asset can’t be found, it will be recreated. Both the time wasted looking for assets and the time and materials invested in recreating assets can add up and have a considerable impact on an enterprise’s operating costs. We’ve heard estimates of as much as $30,000 to $50,000 for each asset that needs to be recreated.

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Powering your Content with AI

With artificial intelligence (AI) now becoming one of the hottest topics in technology, we are at an unprecedented time in the area of information management and, in particular, Content Services. Never has a particular technology held so much promise and, yet so much hype and misunderstanding.

This guide provides information on:

  • how public cloud AI services enable better access to critical information
  • the differences between generic and custom machine learning models
  • how AI is used for enrichment, automation, and insight.

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