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Get Hands on Experience Extending Your APEX Applications

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low code development platform that enables you to build scalable and secure enterprise apps.

In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to extend your APEX applications with Oracle Autonomous Database, geospatial, machine learning, and security functionality.

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Migrate Your Oracle APEX Apps from On-Premises to Autonomous Database

Oracle Application Express (APEX) enables citizen and professional developers to build data-driven web and mobile applications, quickly and easily. APEX is preconfigured and fully managed within Oracle Autonomous Database. Simply move your data, APEX applications, and on-premises RESTful services into your new cloud environment.

Watch this tech classroom and learn how to migrate your APEX applications to the cloud with Autonomous Database.

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Convert Your Spreadsheet to a Low Code Application in Minutes

Oracle Application Express (APEX) uses low-code development to let you build data-driven apps quickly without having to learn complex web technologies.

In this hands-on lab, you’ll create an APEX workspace and build a fully functional low code application from a spreadsheet.

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Integrate for Insight

Enterprises must learn to understand how best to leverage big data soon, since the amount of data being generated shows no signs of slowing down. See how Oracle offers a broad portfolio of products to help enterprises acquire, manage, and integrate big data with existing information, with the goal of achieving a complete view of business in the fastest, most reliable, and cost effective way.
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Simplify IT – Strive for Simplicity

For technology executives, the mandate to simplify is particularly important, as IT is being pressured to do more with less, with flat or decreasing budgets and fewer resources. Business innovation is increasingly dependent on the application of information technology as well. IT leaders are challenged to architect and build infrastructures that meet 24/7 business demands while remaining within the limitations. While companies are feeling the challenge of tight IT budgets, departmental cuts, and resource constraints, a notable and important business need has emerged: the need to simplify.
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Cloud Integration – A Comprehensive Solution

This white paper describes how to integrate on-premise and cloud applications, including Oracle Cloud applications, with this type of pragmatic, universal perspective. While Oracle, Salesforce, and Workday are used as examples, the principles apply to many vendors. The hub for these integrations are the Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle data integration products, part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, a unified platform that accommodates all types of information systems, deployment models, SaaS vendors, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure, anchored by a cohesive set of tools for development, management, security, and governance.
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Shield Your Applications from Catastrophe

Whether they reside on the company's internal servers or are accessible via the Web from desktop PCs or mobile devices, the applications a business uses to run its operations are ever-growing. The number and complexity of enterprise applications, particularly those based on Java and other Web technologies are changing the nature of IT management. Today the entire organization must focus on delivering these applications to internal and external users when and how they need them. IT needs to ensure that applications meet optimal performance levels in terms of business priority and other requirements.
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