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Lifecycler Infographic

Lifecycler is intended for customers who are interested in establishing an online B2C presence that is tied directly back to their PostBooks or xTuple system.

Get this infographic to discover who LifeCycler provides seamless integration of the world's leading eCommerce platform, Shopify, with xTuple and PostBooks.

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Lifecycler Webstore

We all had a webstore online built in wordpress and hosted on GoDaddy. And it was the loneliest webstore in the known universe. It was also a royal pain to build and maintain. It took a long time to build and soon fell into disrepair owing, in part, to the complexity of maintaining it.

We knew that we wanted to maintain a presence online but also wanted to spend minimum resources to implement and maintain it. We are much like the other thousands of PostBooks/xTuple users across the globe. Most of them should want and need to have a webstore, as well.

So, based on our own experience and this observation, instead of spending our resources to rebuild our own website, we invested our time and effort in building Lifecycler – a tool that makes a webstore easy to create, populate and deploy for xTuple/PostBooks users.

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Lifecycler User Guide

Lifecycler integrates xTuple/PostBooks with Shopify. Depending upon demand, other common webstore services such as Wix may be added later. Setup is easy. Here are some guides to walk you through the setup process and use of the integration.

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