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Measuring the ROI of Customer Learning

The Three Key Pillars of Learning

As the learning industry matures, one question comes up time and time again in our conversations with customers about their learning programs. “How do we measure the business impact of extended enterprise learning initiatives?”

With our experience across multiple learning segments, from professional training and customer education to partner enablement and more, we’ve isolated three key pillars that describe the value of customer learning, and, alongside real-world examples.

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Make the Business Case for a Modern Customer Learning Platform

A cutting-edge customer education platform can radically improve your customer acquisition, retention, and expansion – three fundamental elements of business success.

If you’re in charge of bringing education to your organization’s customers, you won’t need convincing of the operational advantages offered by cutting-edge training solutions. But to help you convince the board or executive leadership, our team put together an in-depth eBook that will guide you through:

  • The four major shortcomings of (most) traditional learning systems.
  • Why a third-party solution makes more economic sense than a custom build.
  • Why the current timing is critical to making your business case.
  • The five keys to crafting a successful business case for a next-gen learning solution.

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The Ultimate Guide to Continuing Education, Badging and Certifications

Over the past few years, certification and micro-credentials of all kinds have been growing in popularity. Certification can impact product adoption, recurring revenue, annual contract value, and active users. It also helps to create brand champions who advocate for your product, enhancing the loyalty of your existing customers and helping with retention in an increasingly subscription-based and virtual world.

Learn how to:

  • Build effective continuing education, badging and certification programs with advice from leading experts in their field.
  • Increase learning program engagement and business performance.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your continuing education, badging, and certification programs.

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How Great Customer Learning Programs Create Value

We’ve interviewed countless leaders in the customer learning space to deliver a comprehensive guide to moving the needle on your program.

We share our most recent research on:

  • The roadmap for how superior customer learning programs grow.
  • The common stages – and barriers – of program development.
  • How to build a plan and get executive buy-in for your customer training initiatives.

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