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12 Charity Engine Recommended items to provide Vendors during a Nonprofit CRM Request for Proposal

Too often when nonprofits do Requests for Proposals for a Fundraising CRM or fundraising technology, they end up creating a Features Checklist Spreadsheet with four different types of feature/capabilities:

  • Already have.
  • Wish we had.
  • Heard about & sounds cool.
  • So brilliant we should apply for a patent.

Unfortunately, RFP’s by checklist can lead to incomplete decisions because the right solution for that org was never proposed. There are capabilities and ideas that people wouldn’t know to think of without knowing the full capacity of a technology product.

In this Charity Engine Guide, learn about 12 items you want to be able to provide the vendor, and how to prepare you and your team for a Nonprofit CRM Request for Proposal.

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Year-End Giving: Ultimate Guide to Double Year-End Impact During A Pandemic

If you are wondering what your yearly big picture schedule should be like for your fundraising, look no further.

This eGuide with Charity Engine details helpful tips and steps you should take to get started on your Year-End Fundraising plans during this pandemic. This guide, along with Charity Engine's all-in-one CRM will provide everything you need to kickstart your fundraising campaigns for 2021.

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Virtual Fundraising Events: A How-To Guide

Many nonprofits have postponed or canceled their events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s natural and healthy to mourn these lost opportunities, it’s just as important to look for positive learning opportunities that have come about as a result of these difficult times.

Organizations can take this time to get more involved with hosting virtual events for their supporters. When hosting a virtual event, the mindset and approach that your organization should take are similar to that of a live event even though the actual event process is different.

In this guide, learn about Charity Engine's process of plan, run, care, and repeat, and build the best foundation for your virtual event.

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