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Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence

Since 2006, Regroup has delivered on the promise to keep people safe, informed and productive with its robust cloud-based notification platform. Our simple to use yet powerful solution alerts your entire organization when emergencies happen, and helps you run your daily operations with a full range of communication capabilities.

Regroup delivers a full suite of technology for threat intelligence, emergency alerts and real-time crisis management that is fully customizable and flexible.

Regroup provides organizations from every industry the tools they need to protect people and assets. Used for emergency and everyday communication, Regroup helps improve business continuity while mitigating risks and enhancing the safety of your entire organization.

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The Promise of Threat Intelligence: What Your Enterprise Needs to Know NOW

With today’s constantly evolving cyber landscape, combined with companies embracing a remote workforce, threat intelligence has become a crucial tool for businesses seeking operational resilience. Simply stated, threat intelligence is the collection and analysis of data points that illustrate trends that could negatively impact a business or organization. These trends may include disruptions in supply chains, civil unrest, increased cyberattack activity, reputational threats and a host of other potential hazards.

This evidenced-based knowledge includes context, mechanisms, indicators and actionable direction about existing or emerging dangers to people and assets.

This paper explores what threat intelligence is — and isn’t, why it’s crucial for a variety of industries and what expectations team leaders should set for their security goals.

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The Smart Solution For Security

The ability to quickly and effectively communicate is vital for the success of your organization. Deliver the tools, even when conventional means are unavailable with Regroup Mass Notification

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful security force is the ability to communicate quickly, safely and effectively. Lacking the proper tools can hinder even the most well-trained officers from carrying out their jobs properly

Regroup gives you the power to send important alerts and routine notifications through SMS/text, email, mobile apps, RSS posts, push notifications, voice calls and various other integrated delivery methods.. Additionally, you can easily create unlimited groups, administrators and templates in the system to organize the contacts you need to reach.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the United States oversees the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). IPAWS provides public safety officials with an effective way to alert and warn the public about serious emergencies using approved systems like Regroup’s, which follow Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards. Federal, state, local, tribal and territorial alerting authorities can use Regroup’s IPAWS integration to keep citizens informed and safe when disaster strikes.

Regroup’s system allows you to customize alerts to ensure citizens receive event-specific instructions on how to respond. You can also deliver targeted IPAWS alerts to citizens located within a specific geographic area by selecting the region on a map, and connect with other COGs to coordinate emergency response efforts across larger areas.

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Knowledge is Power

As millions of parents load their children into school buses each morning, or drop them off in the hug-n-go lanes nationwide, their words may be varied, but they all share the same hope: that their children will get a good education and stay safe. Let's take a deeper look into this in this blog post.

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Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industries Work To Protect Patrons and Workers

You own a restaurant chain and receive word that a vendor has supplied your entire nationwide system of fine-dining eateries with tainted meat. Or a large grocery chain, and hear word that your romaine may be unsafe to eat and needs to be pulled from thousands of shelves immediately. Or you run one of the world’s largest casinos and authorities tell you that they believe there is a threat of violence at your venue. You need to reach everyone quickly to keep customers, guests and staff safe from illness or harm.

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The Construction Industry and Regroup

Jobs in the construction industry include several occupations ranked among the most dangerous in the world. In this current tight employment market, the industry is hard-pressed for both employees and time. It is under extreme pressure to build its soaring skyscrapers, buildings and housing developments on time and on budget — and to keep its workforce informed and safe from harm simultaneously.

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Improve School Safety and Communications

Regroup enables your school and district to communicate better and respond faster when seconds count. Our award- winning mass notification platform is cost-effective, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS software.

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Regroup For The Food & Beverages Industry

Food Safety is of utmost importance - from the growing, processing, packaging, and shipping of a food product's life cycle, to the retail and serving phases. Today's food manufacturers, distributors and restaurant chains are faced with many challenges in keeping food safe, and a wide range of threats to business continuity and operational resilience.

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Regroup For Construction

Regroup Mass Notification offers cost effective solutions that help you overcome communication challenges, while at the same time reducing overall costs. Keep your mobile workforce safe and informed with Regroups' simple, cost effective solution for critical and non critical mass communication.

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