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Migrating Your Controller-based WLAN to Mojo Cloud

The intelligence, performance, and massive scalability of the Mojo Cloud now available for your controller-based WLAN.

WiFi has moved from a convenience to the primary way of accessing the network. As the diversity of clients and applications running on WiFi has increased, controller-based architectures have serious shortcomings including complex management, limited scalability and high cost. Find out how you can make the transition to Mojo Cloud WiFi without having to change underlying network infrastructure or suffer downtime.

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Mojo Aware, Cognitive WiFi Feature Brief

How smart is your wireless network? Don't settle for WiFi that isn't brilliant. Mojo's unique, self-driving WiFi solution harnesses the power of cloud, analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver an outstanding experience to your WiFi users. The intuitive graphical user interface highlights what matters most with features like Client Journey and Baseline Anomalies. The client-first approach provides clear visibility in wireless user experience. Download our feature brief and discover how to elevate your network intelligence.
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Security of Mojo Networks Cloud Managed WiFi

Across enterprises and public sectors alike, migrating in-house data processing to the cloud has become an accepted strategy among IT departments. This often raises eyebrows within the security department because data security controls that were traditionally managed in-house now move into the hands of third parties. Cloud managed WiFi is no exception to this dogma. Hence, Mojo has taken proactive steps to build a robust security program for the cloud that strengthens its WiFi access and security solution. As the first WiFi vendor with its own SSAE 16 and SOC2 certification, Mojo is delivering the most secure cloud managed WiFi solution.
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