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Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency

This white paper presents a case study highlighting the transformative impact of implementing the Swiftcount inventory system in a warehouse setting. We delve into the challenges faced by traditional inventory management methods and elucidate the tangible benefits realized through the adoption of Swiftcount. Through this case study, we aim to demonstrate how Swiftcount optimizes warehouse operations, enhances accuracy, improves efficiency, and ultimately drives bottom-line results.

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SwiftCount Inventory System

SwiftCount is the result of over 30+ years creating reliable inventory management tools and making inventory processes more efficient for warehouse customers.

Today, our platform is used by multi-millions dollar warehouses, managing hundreds of thousands of SKUs and recording hundreds of shipments every single day, each. SwiftCount is as reliable as the biggest well-known enterprise softwares out there.

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A New Warehouse Management Platform for Sage 300

With the help of your Sage partner we connect to your Sage 300 account and all your products, sales and PO's will be uploaded to your SwiftCount account automatically.

In SwiftCount, setup your recurring inventory counts and assign the purchase orders your staff needs to control and receive.

Use the app to receive your new products and count your inventory regularly.

Keep an eye on your inventory levels in Sage 300 (synced automatically). For a more detailed view of your inventory and track progress on your inventory tasks and multi-locations, open your SwiftCount dashboard.

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A New Warehouse Management Platform for Spire

Integrate to your Spire system and benefit from professional inventory management.

Key benefits:

  • Fast & mobile PO receiving and SO Shipments.
  • Manage your inventory in multiple units of measure.
  • View your store inventory breakdown by locations and sub-locations.
  • Create and manage inventory counts and update Spire instantly.
  • Full support for Serial and lot numbers.
  • At all times keep Spire and SwiftCOUNT in sync.

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