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MaestroQA – Mabl Customer Story

MaestroQA is a technology company based in New York City that is focused on helping a wide variety of notable brands – like SeatGeek, Harry’s, and Spot Hero - deliver exceptional support and service experiences to their customers. Part of being a fast-growing company, working with a broad range of customers, the MaestroQA team frequently uncovers new challenges to solve with their quality assurance software, so being able to rapidly adapt to the market is essential for their overall business and team success.

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The Era of Intelligent Testing

The state of the art in software testing has not kept pace with advances in software development over the past 10 years. Modern quality assurance (QA) groups struggle to play their role in a world of continuous delivery, leading to more defects in production, low QA morale and excessive testing overhead.

Thankfully, innovations in machine intelligence and test automation have laid the groundwork for a better model—one that will allow QA to keep pace with development, increase productivity, improve product quality, and raise customer satisfaction across the software industry.

This white paper will cover why we need a new QA toolset and the ever-changing future of QA testing.

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The Complete Guide to Shift Left Testing

In an Agile world, software and IT teams are under constant pressure to move faster. Typically, this means decreasing the relative length of delivery time while continuing to improve quality on each successive release. At the same time, there’s always pressure to minimize testing costs.

This e-book will cover 1) why you won’t survive if you don’t shift, 2) how your testing processes should change when you adopt a shift-left testing methodology, 3) who needs to be involved in this movement and how, and lastly, 4) we’ll hear from individuals about how they pioneered the shift in their teams.

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