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Product Overview

Introducing Swiftype Enterprise Search

Swiftype Enterprise Search is an easy way for companies to index content across internal cloud data sources and make it accessible from anywhere, on any device. In a single search, your employees can pull any information relevant to the task at hand.

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Too Many Cloud Apps? Stop Wasting Time Hunting for Information

There’s no arguing that your business would run faster with the necessary cloud technologies. They each have a purpose and they each add value to your business. The challenge is in finding information (documents, files, conversations, or data) that’s scattered across these cloud-based systems. It turns a simple search for information into a time-consuming endeavor.

Stop wasting time hunting for information! Download this NEW eBook and learn how a single search experience platform can help increase productivity, gain visibility, and eliminate content duplication.

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4 Steps to Finding & Implementing the Right Modern Enterprise Search Solution

As the amount of an organization’s structured and unstructured digital information grows, productivity can be directly tied to workers’ ability to find the right information in a timely and effortless manner. And that data is growing at a tremendous rate. 26% of organizations saw their content management budget grow over 10% in the past year. Organizations need effective enterprise search solutions because when workers can’t find information they need, their productivity is curtailed by having to ask peers and content creators for the resources directly.

Having an enterprise search solution that searches across cloud applications and returns relevant results keeps knowledge workers productive. Organizations with modern enterprise search solutions are 50% more likely to enjoy double digit revenue growth than those that don’t. This ebook provides 4 easy steps to help when considering to invest in an enterprise search solution.

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