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Stop Blaming China & Russia for All Your Cyber Attacks

Despite dramatic media coverage, most breaches in cyber security are not caused by nation-state attacks carried out by sophisticated hackers. Far too often businesses try to save face by blaming attacks on state actors when they have failed to make proper cybersecurity investments that leave them vulnerable to amateur hackers.

Authored by Amar Singh, CEO of the Cyber Management Alliance, this white paper helps to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding why most cyberattacks succeed. Plus, it offers recommendations on what companies can do to deny and disrupt threats from outside attackers and malicious insiders.

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Privileged Password Security Policy Template

With privileged account credentials a favorite target of hackers, it’s critical that you have password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access and demonstrate security compliance. Thycotic and Information Shield make it easy for you.

This free Privileged Password Security Policy Template gives you best-practice policies to help your organization improve IT security and demonstrate regulatory compliance. You’ll save hours of effort leveraging these policies that are easily customizable in a matter of minutes.

  • Downloaded as an editable, easily customized Microsoft Word document
  • Developed according to best practice standards from SANS, NIST, GLBA, ISO17799, ISO9000 and more
  • Details how policies can be enforced with Thycotic Secret Server
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Privileged Account Management For Dummies, Thycotic Special Edition

Fast, easy read to get up to speed on Privileged Account Management (PAM) security basics

With so many recent high-profile breaches accomplished through the compromise of passwords on privileged accounts, it’s time all cyber security stakeholders got educated.

This Free Privileged Account Management for Dummies 24-page book gives you, your IT staff, and business stakeholders a practical understanding of privileged account management and its security implications.

  • What is a privileged account
  • Where do privileged accounts reside throughout the IT environment
  • How privileged accounts function
  • Risks associated with privileged accounts
  • How to best protect privileged accounts from hackers and malicious insider threats
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Employee Social Network Password Practices a Major Workplace Risk

Millions of employees using social media accounts represent a major workplace risk if/when those accounts are compromised. Once hacked, a social network account can easily provide access to information that gives hackers access to other facets of users’ lives, such as their work computers and email accounts.

To make matters worse, large social networks don’t remind or make clear to users the risks associated with weak passwords, or never changing their passwords. In fact, new social network platforms allow for a single logon that is linked to multiple social media accounts so that users can avoid having to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts.

This is why you should get the RSA Survey Report & Executive Summary now

  • You'll get important highlights from the RSA Survey key findings.
  • You'll get a great list of free, professional password security tools.
  • You'll learn details about the disconnect between security professionals and their own cybersecurity habits (and maybe some of yours too).
  • You'll get excellent recommendations on how you can protect your user and privileged account credentials by implementing proven password security best practices and using automated tools.
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State of PAM Annual Report

Benchmark Global Survey shows Privileged Account Management a top security priority but failing in enforcement

While 80% consider PAM security a high priority nearly two-thirds still rely on manual methods to manage privileged accounts and only one in ten have implemented an automated commercial solution.

The results are especially alarming when you consider that privileged account passwords and access are a prime target for hackers and one of the biggest cyber security risks for breaching the defenses of any organization.

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Black Hat 2016: Hacker Survey Report

Thycotic’s survey of hacker attendees at Black Hat 2016 in Las Vegas shows overwhelming support for data privacy among respondents. Yet, in a seeming contradiction of their own beliefs, nearly half said they would be willing to hack your password for a fee if asked by the FBI.

Read the full report to learn:

  • How hackers feel about data privacy and FBI cracking into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone in March of 2016
  • How much hackers would demand to be paid to hack your phone for the FBI
  • The top systems hackers say you should protect now

Bottom line: more than 77% of Black Hat survey hackers believe no password is safe from hackers, or the government for that matter.

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Today’s Mainframes Are No Longer Secure…and It Impacts You More Than You’d Think

Read why you need to protect privileged account passwords on your IBM z Systems

Mainframe privileged accounts are prime targets for hackers, giving them complete access to your critical systems. Yet far too many organizations still have mainframe privileged accounts that are unknown, unmanaged, and unprotected.

Today’s Mainframes are No Longer Secure – and it Impacts You More than You’d Think

Read this Free Whitepaper to:

  • Understand why IBM z/OS privileged accounts pose a very real security risk
  • Learn best practices to protect IBM z System passwords from hackers and malicious insiders
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