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3 Challenges of Moving to a Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Moving applications and services to the cloud means you’ll be offloading some daily tasks and maintenance, and ideally saving time, space and money. But remember that those SaaS or hybrid cloud apps still belong to your organization and are still part of IT. When there’s downtime or slowdowns, users will still be coming to IT’s door to get help.

Don't get caught unprepared! Download this guide to learn about 3 major challenges you'll face as you move to a cloud-based infrastructure.

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How to Solve the Top IT Issues at Remote Locations

IT teams can run into many challenges when supporting remote office users, especially that they’re not physically able to see the problem and might not have a colleague on site to help.

This whitepaper identifies five top issues to watch for when you're in charge of offices, users and technology that you can't actually see. You'll learn how to solve challenges with remote locations like:

  • Integration issues, especially with shadow IT
  • Lack of visibility into the WAN
  • Service delays due to gaps in tech staff resources

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The Top 3 Monitoring Challenges IT Faces

The distributed nature of the modern technology world is exciting, promising—and really, really hard to keep track of. Instead of monolithic hardware and software stacks in a data center, technology resources exist—ideally—wherever and however they’re most effective.

That means that cloud applications can be delivered from many different locations to many different users, and that various pieces of the infrastructure could be hosted or delivered by as many outside providers. And the applications multiply quickly, as do the servers and memory storing this constantly created new information.

Download this free guide to learn three of the biggest challenges IT is facing and what can be done to solve them.

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5 Steps of Moving Apps to the Cloud

Business applications are headed to the cloud in record numbers, bringing users and IT teams into a new model of accessing services and resources. It’s a big switch from traditional apps, both for users and for their IT support teams.

This guide provides five key steps to help you prepare up-front and keep the control you need throughout the move to the cloud.

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How to Uncover Your SaaS App Problems

SaaS is now the standard for companies implementing business applications or services. But what's actually happening with those applications' performance and their related user experiences has remained a mystery to many of the IT teams tasked with monitoring them.

Traditional tools for application monitoring aren't made for SaaS applications, but there are other ways you can gain insight into all your apps, whether on-premises or off.

This free guide will walk you through a few key steps to get to the root of how your SaaS applications are performing.

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Making IT Relevant Again

One of the main drivers of large, global enterprises is the increased use of SaaS applications. These applications are cheaper than on-premises solutions and can be ramped up faster, but have yielded three key impacts on high-transaction businesses—increasing bandwidth demands, loss of IT control and the need for more effective monitoring tools.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss the IT challenges inherent to tech-dependent, high-transaction, multi-location organizations and the key to making IT relevant again—a comprehensive application performance monitoring (APM) solution.
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