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The Power and Peril of Microsoft 365

The adoption of Microsoft 365 brings a mixture of power and peril. Organizations looking solely at the strong benefits of Microsoft 365 may not recognize some of the risks that the suite introduces. This document provides a brief overview of some of the issues organizations should be aware of when adopting Microsoft 365.

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Automating Information Management

The exponential growth of data is driving efforts to reduce redundant, obsolete, or trivial data, also known as ROT. Nyxeia products simplify ROT reduction, with a single interface that scans documents across the network. Using natural language processing (NLP), text pattern matching, and context matching, Nyxeia analyzes metadata as well as document text to identify duplicates, saving valuable time, money, and tedious manual effort.

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Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Governing terabytes or even petabytes of data requires automatic classification. Discover uses artificial intelligence to enhance metadata, create structured information out of unstructured data, and rapidly tag and classify millions of documents automatically, wherever they live. This enables organizations to mitigate risk, enhance efficiency, and lower IT costs.

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