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Luxtera Case Study

Luxtera, a fabless semiconductor company, selected Tensoft SemiOps to run with their NetSuite accounting and financial system. Renata Villa-Teschler, the Supply Chain Manager & Séamus Daly, VP of Operations at Luxtera joined us for an interview to share their experience with Tensoft SemiOps. They discussed the benefits yielded from selecting a scalable solution like Tensoft SemiOps.

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Semiconductor Cost Reduction Strategies

For emerging semiconductor chip companies, the primary goal is to get products sold and out of the door. However, as chip companies scale, everyone’s attention turns very quickly to lowering costs. It becomes critically important that Operations and Finance work together to achieve strategic goals and to manage costs effectively. To do that, some advance planning can have a significant impact.

Along with a talented financial executive from one of Tensoft’s fabless semiconductor customers, Tensoft CEO Bob Scarborough co-wrote a white paper tackling this topic several years ago. It was published in the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s “Forum” magazine in 2009, under the title “Semiconductor Cost Reduction Strategies.” Some recent discussions with customers and prospective customers re-affirmed the importance of this topic to both Operations and Finance teams.

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Astera Labs Case Study

When their production ramp took off, Astera Labs needed an end-to-end ERP solution to support their rapid growth and track inventory at lot level. After evaluating several options, they decided to implement Tensoft SemiOps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Recently, Nathan Willems, the Corporate Controller, and Alice Zhang, the AVP of Business Operations at Astera Labs joined us for a video interview to share their experience with Tensoft SemiOps.

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What’s So Unique About Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Unlike other manufacturing processes, semiconductor manufacturing is a hybrid of process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing. It adds value to the flow of materials throughout the process and can have multiple outcomes at various stages of production. In most cases, a standard ERP system does not meet the needs that result from this process.

This white paper provides an in-depth understanding of process manufacturing in semiconductor industry – from a systems perspective – with an example.

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