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Maximize Performance and Availability for Virtualized Environments with Quantum and Veeam

In the modern data center, many companies running business-critical data on a virtual infrastructure face a variety of technical challenges that traditional backup software vendors are struggling to address:

• Maximizing data availability while controlling costs, the size of backup windows, and the network loads.

• Providing fastest recovery possible for individual emails, files, or full VMs following an outage.

• Protecting data in primary data centers as well as in remote offices, workgroups, and other locations.

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Moving Beyond Batch Backup

Data protection has changed, and although protecting data both for backup and disaster recovery purposes is as important as ever, there are alternate applications and methods for protecting data that are more efficient and less expensive.
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Quantum Deduplication and Tape Solutions Cut The Mahr Group’s Backup Down to Size

For 150 years, manufacturers all over the world—from the automotive industry to medical equipment producers—have relied on precision measuring instruments from The Mahr Group. This consortium of companies is the world’s third-largest producer of production measurement solutions and offers an extensive product portfolio ranging from large manual calipers to precise digital measuring instruments. Founded in Esslingen, Germany, today The Mahr Group has a global focus with subsidiaries and customers around the world, including Europe, China, and the United States.
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Hybrid Storage for Backup and Data Protection

Backup and data protection continue to be critical considerations for any enterprise. As an established leader in backup storage, Quantum offers QXS hybrid storage systems as a cost-effective option for block storage that can be used for backup.

Users have many choices for backup and disaster recovery storage, including deduplication appliances, standard block or NAS storage for backup, the cloud for off-site DR protection, and, of course, most users continue to use tape for long termretention, compliance, and archiving.

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