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Definitive Guide to Capital Planning

Whether it is a new construction, a renovation project, or an expansion, accurately planning and budgeting for each phase of your program is (probably) your top priority. As capital owners, how do you decide which programs and projects to fund and gather all pertinent information to help you make those decisions?

This guide will cover—setting clear strategic goals, how to manage projects and programs from start to finish, keys to accurate forecasting and analyses, cost management, and the best ways to communicate and collaborate with your agency. Using this guide streamline your capital planning process, manage projects effectively, and navigate your way to success.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cost Management

Knowing where your project costs stand at any time in a construction project is essential for understanding where you will finish. Without accurate cost data, capital owners are left guessing whether they will finish within budget or not. Accurate tracking and reporting of construction costs guarantee that you have the information you need to make critical decisions for your project.

The key to successful project cost controls begins with clearly defined systems and processes. It allows teams to handle changes swiftly, results in fewer disputes, and increases the likelihood of completing the project on time and under budget.

This guide will walk you through some of the best practices capital owners follow for estimating project costs, managing budgets, tracking commitment spending, and reporting on project health. You will be led through the process of developing a project budget and entering into a contract. We will cover how to track costs, report them, and keep spending under control to avoid cost overruns.

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