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Yodify’s Sophisticated Configurator Technology

Configurators for retail products have been around for years - letting customers choose from a selection of sizes, colors, or designs within a single product series.

Industrial and commercial products require significantly more sophistication than many existing e-commerce platforms afford. Yodify’s proprietary technology let’s you deploy configurators that empower your sales teams and clients to get on the same page quickly and submit faster, more detailed, error-free quotes & orders.

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Why Businesses Love Yodify

Yodify is loaded with functionality that transforms your website into a multi-faceted, dynamic sales & marketing asset to your business on a budget and timeline that needs to be experienced to believe.

Designed as a complete platform built around core e-commerce & catalog functionality, Yodify includes integrated features that enhance nearly every part of your business. Free yourself from the burden of building a site with disconnected, unreliable components all built & managed externally. With no plug-ins to manage on Yodify you know your site will be up and fully functional at all times.

Consistent new features and platform updates will keep your site fresh. Forget the development cycle and know that your site will never be obsolete and will always run on a modern framework, hosted reliably and boast mobile-first design that keeps you cutting-edge.

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The Yodify Advantage

Yodify is born from a passion for digital catalogs & e-commerce and a recognition of a huge gap in purpose-built solutions for industrial, commercial and other B2B businesses with sophisticated sales models to thrive online. Our founder comes from 30+ years in process instrumentation disitribution. Through years of experience, research and development Yodify specializes in providing cost & time-effective solutions to enhance or replace our clients web presence.

We ensure our client’s success by helping to increase brand awareness, optimize your sales processes, reduce operating costs, bolster communication interally & externally, and more. We deliver success through a combination of industry knowledge, catalog & e-commerce expertise, methodology, and advisory services.

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Catalogs & e-Commerce Built for Industry

Elevate your business with a powerful online catalog.

Deliver comprehensive quoting and e-commerce functionality, improve access to your products & provide the best-in-class purchasing experience to your customers.

Yodify is designed to let you launch quickly & affordably, complimenting your existing staff by eliminating basic & repetitive job tasks in sales and accounting, empowering them to focus on generating revenue & building your business.

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