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From LIBOR to SOFR: A Flexible Architecture is The Key to Surviving This Evolution

At the grand old age of 51, LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) has reached retirement with its expiry date set for the end of 2021.

SOFR is the new benchmark for all dollar-denominated loans and securities and is based on transactions in the U.S. Treasury repo market. However, the switch from LIBOR to SOFR will create complexities that must be overcome if GPs are to produce transparent, on-demand reporting that will satisfy LPs.

In this whitepaper, learn how the flexible architecture of Allvue's system allows it to evolve with the investment industry, making a future proof solution for all investment needs.

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What is Business Intelligence and Why Should GPs Care

Having the ability to synthesize and glean insights from vast (and growing) data sets can be very useful across many roles and functions in any organization.

The investment management industry, whose business model is predicated on information discovery, has taken notice. "Business Intelligence", or "BI" tools are being deployed across the firm, from the back office to investment teams to client relations.

This paper will look at four situations typical in a GP – managing the deal pipeline, monitoring portfolio company KPIs, fundraising and management/partner reporting – to see how these tools can be utilized to optimize decision making across the firm.

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The Risk of Spreadsheets For Private Capital Fund Managers

Spreadsheets are like an old friend - we rely and trust them, even if they make us crazy once in a while. But in terms of the private capital industry, too much reliance can turn into an unproductive relationship.

With private capital’s increasing influence in the financial markets, the role the spreadsheet plays in making major decisions - across the back office, deal teams and LPs, - is worth examining.

This whitepaper looks at the nature of the risks posed by the continued prevalence of spreadsheet-based processes at private equity, private debt, real estate and venture firms.

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