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Performance is a Shape – Not a Number

Report Describes How to Confidently Measure and Explain Performance

The old elements of logging, metrics, and tracing are insufficient for today’s complex software systems.

If you’re considering or in the midst of adopting microservices, you know that faster root cause analysis and the ability to confidently measure and explain performance is key to improve efficiency and save developer time. Read this report to understand why:

  • Countless disconnected time-series statistics aren’t enough to explain the behavior of modern applications.
  • Tools must identify, triage, and explain latency issues, as organizations adopt microservices.
  • It’s critical to evolve our thinking about latency measurements and how they play a part in diagnostic workflows.

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Global Microservices Trends & Perf is a Shape

Report Finds Record Growth in Microservices is Disrupting the Operational Landscape

Learn how companies are dealing with application performance challenges in their microservices environments and plan your strategy.

The 2018 Global Microservices Trends report provides data and insights to help you understand the challenges and opportunities you’ll face as you monitor applications in your microservices environment. Read this report to understand:

  • What’s driving organizations to adopt microservices
  • Whether companies are achieving success with microservices
  • Evolving use of standards and frameworks for microservices
  • Operational challenges you can expect
  • Application performance management implications

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