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Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security

An application or service that you develop once to run in multiple clouds has a clear advantage over one that is bound to a single OS or runtime environment. Container technology makes it possible, but container security vulnerabilities are beginning to surface. We describe 6 steps you can take to ensure that container security doesn’t become a DevOps roadblock.

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You’re using an array of platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud services to build and deliver new applications and services into today’s hotly competitive market. And it’s your CI/CD pipeline that enables the speed you need to succeed – but your cybersecurity regime must keep pace. We discuss how to apply the DevOps principals to codify and improve your cybersecurity practices and controls.

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Addressing Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Security

How can you secure your apps and services without compromising your schedule? (Hint: It’s all in the automation.) Enterprises are using hybrid cloud technologies to enrich the user experience and power their digital transformation. But running applications in public clouds while managing the application data in private clouds makes for a unique set of security requirements. We discuss the challenges that DevOps teams face in hybrid environments and how those challenges can be overcome.

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