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Backup for Microsoft 365 Evaluation Criteria Checklist

Given the current cybersecurity threat landscape, protecting your Microsoft 365 data is a no-brainer. However, finding the right solution that fits your organization’s needs can be daunting. Where do you begin?

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive evaluation checklist for you to properly compare various backup solutions for Microsoft 365 and ensure that you make the right choice for your organization.

Work through this checklist to identify key product features you should be considering and see for yourself how Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 stacks up against the competition.

The checklist covers key evaluation criteria for Microsoft 365 data protection including:

  • Restore capabilities.
  • Backup capabilities, management and monitoring.
  • Administrative capabilities.
  • Security features.
  • Usability.

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The Complete SaaS Backup Buyer’s Guide

SaaS solutions have become a critical part of modern business. The volume of mission-critical data stored in them is growing by the second. However, many organizations still do not back up their SaaS data. They operate with a false belief that backing up SaaS data is not necessary and that solution providers back up and protect their data.

Most cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft and Salesforce follow the shared responsibility model. As per the model, the vendor is responsible for application uptime, availability and the underlying infrastructure, while the customer is responsible for data protection.

This buyer’s guide aims to inform IT decision-makers and professionals like you about the realities of SaaS data protection, what your responsibilities are with respect to SaaS data and the key things to consider when evaluating a backup solution.

The buyer’s guide covers:

  • Quick overview of the shared responsibility model.
  • Common SaaS data risks.
  • Best practices for protecting SaaS data.
  • SaaS backup evaluation criteria.
  • And more.

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3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Microsoft 365

You’ve made the move to Microsoft 365 to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Ensuring that your data is protected in the cloud is as critical as protecting data stored on premises. It’s important to understand the steps necessary to provide complete protection for your Microsoft 365 data. As Microsoft says, “It’s your data, you own it.”

Microsoft 365 provides comprehensive platform protection to safeguard your data against hardware and software issues and to provide disaster recovery. Unfortunately, there are other ways to lose data that are your responsibility to protect against. That’s where Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 can help.

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IT Risks: Backup and Recovery Blueprint

With the rapidly sprawling data footprints across multiple environments and increasingly dispersed hybrid workforce, enterprises now rely on their ICT infrastructure more than ever. As the critical functions that ensure business continuity rely on these ICT systems, it has become vital for businesses to keep their ICT systems up and running all the time. However, the rapidly evolving threat landscape poses a significant challenge on that front.

This eBook is designed to help organizations develop a comprehensive approach and realize ICT Readiness for Business Continuity (IRBC) so they can meet their operational goals and business objectives even in the event of an IT threat. This backup and recovery blueprint will help you effectively identify, address and recover from any disruptions to your ICT services. Read the eBook to learn more.

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