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How to Clean Up Your Business Financials and Prepare Your Exit Strategy

Don’t look too far ahead to the finish line when thinking about selling your company. Have you done the necessary work to ensure that you have the processes and documentation in place for that to be successful?

Two of these processes include cleaning up your small business financials and putting together a comprehensive exit strategy. The more work you can do now the faster you can spring into action if your business broker identifies a strategic buyer right away. Prospective buyers want as much transparency as possible in today’s business environment.

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The Top 5 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Selling Your Business

So you think you are ready to sell your Tech, eCommerce or Internet Business --- or --- you have been thinking about the potential to sell your business successfully over the next 6-12 months. But you aren’t sure what the process looks like, what to expect and you cannot imagine adding even more workload to your already hectic life, balancing a family and a growing business?

Small to Medium Sized Businesses and those Businesses that are considered in the Lower Middle Market tend to be very private sales, so it is not always easy to identify what you should expect in the M&A process – the real hidden secrets are hard to find. This paper helps to lay out those hard to find secrets and lift the veil so that you know what to expect when selling a business. And a business owner that puts her blood, sweat and tears into a business should be excited and rewarded when she sells – not let down or surprised.

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Preparing a Tech or Internet Company for Sale

Website Closers has never been busier. The drive, demand and motivation for the eCommerce, Amazon, Technology and Internet Companies at the focus of our sector continues to increase at unprecedented levels.

And right along with that excitement comes increasing valuations and deal multiples. Our firm focuses on selling digital companies at the highest valuations possible, and in order to get there, our clients first need to prepare themselves and their companies for the most exhilarating day of their lives – the day they close their business.

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